We design high interactive multimedia products for any purpose or application.
This includes CD, DVD authoring and kiosk development. I combine graphics, video, audio,
animations, photography, text, documents and interactivity to create a multimedia CD-ROM.
This is an effective way businesses communicate with their customers, prospects, investors and employees.
Some of the interactive products I  make include:
Catalogue CD:
These are interactive CD Roms that can be used in the marketing of a company’s services.
You will no longer need to carry flyers and brochures any more. 

Interactive Tutorials:
Topics that are hard to conceptualize are difficult to learn for many students. Interactive tutorials
provide an inexpensive, promising approach to teach these concepts because they provide a dynamic
visual experience that complements lectures and text.
These tutorials can be designed for you in any field of study: medical, engineering, textiles , agriculture, art & design ….
Such tutorials can be made into instructional manuals to orient new staff in an organization / company.

Digital Photo Albums ..>>personal..>>wedding..>>family tree..>>special events
With friends and family in different towns, sending them photos by email is the norm.
The digital photo album allows you to distribute large amounts of images in a package that reflects the special event.
You can also preserve your family tree lineage and pass it to children /
grand children by creating a family tree digital album- hence keeping your family legacy alive.
A simple interface is designed to allow users browse through the images, or just sit back as images animate.
We can also have a voice over as you narrate your story as images animate.

Conference interactive CD rom
Keep memory of a particular conference by letting us make you interactive
cd roms that combine images, sound , text and video of the events of your conference.
Digital profiles and portfolios
Place yourself above other job applicants by having your application, Cv, Certifiactes ,
projects you have worked on and other credentials packaged on a mini cd rom.
Its almost like an electonic business card that will impress your potential employer,
bid giver or even donors if you have an NGO.

  • Presentations
  • Business meetings
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Research communication
  • Training applications

Presentations can be made so that you can add and change content yourself .
We can develop templates, provide consulting to improve existing designs
other interactive services include : Financial / Annual reports , Sales presentations,